Prof. Stanley M. Goldberg (JAV) Kviestinės Paskaitos, 2006.10.23

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Prof. Stanley M. Goldberg (JAV)


Kviestinės Paskaitos


Viešbutis NOVOTEL, Vilnius
2006 10 23



Paskaitų temos
The Treatment for Rectal Prolapse
Choosing the Proper Operations for Rectal Procidentia in 2006
The Management of Complex Anorectal Fistulas
Abdominal Perineal Excision for Rectal Carcinoma
Prof. Stanley Morton Goldberg, MD, PhD

was born May 20, 1932 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the son of a physician. Goldberg attended the University of Minnesota for both his undergraduate and medical school education. After an internship at the Minneapolis General Hospital, he completed his general surgical residency training under Owen H. Wangensteen and his colon and rectal surgery training under William C. Bernstein. In 1962, he obtained an American Cancer Society grant in order to study colorectal surgery at St. Mark`s Hospital in London. Upon his return to Minnesota, Goldberg joined the clinical faculty in the Division of Colon and Rectal Surgery at the University of Minnesota and in the private practice of Howard M. Frykman. Their partnership led to the publication of the 1969 classic article describing the “Frykman-Goldberg repair” for rectal procidentia. Following the retirement of Bernstein in 1972, Goldberg was appointed Chief of the Division of Colon and Rectal Surgery at the University of Minnesota. Under his leadership, the practice grew to become the largest colorectal specialty group in the world. He led the Division over the next 20 years as it evolved into a unique “town-gown” collaborative model for training of colorectal surgical residents, an environment combining a large, community-based surgical practice with a major teaching and research, university practice. International recognition for promoting the training of specialists in colon and rectal surgery was awarded to Stanley Goldberg by many surgical organizations from around the world, including Australia, Canada, Chile, England, France, Ireland, Mexico, the Philippines, and Scotland. In 2000, the University of Minnesota established the Stanley M. Goldberg Chair in Colon and rectal Surgery in his honor.