Goals,tasks and methods of operation

 2.1. The LCS is aimed to provide efficient and competent coloproctological assistance to the Lithuanian citizens.

2.2. The LCS may achieve its goals by uniting the forces of the Lithuanian coloproctologists, who gained the trust and support on the part of the population.
Therefore the main tasks of the LCS are as follows:
2.2.1. To participate in the development of the draft standard acts on the issues of coloproctological science and practice.
2.2.2. To submit proposals on the improvement of the practical activity of the coloproctological system.
2.2.3. To participate in the creation and improvement of the system for the preparation and qualification improvement of the specialists in coloproctology.
2.2.4. To achieve that the LCS recommendation would be decisive in granting the certificate of a surgeon proctologist to the LCS member.
2.2.5. To stimulate the professional cooperation and relations of the specialists in coloproctology with the specialists in other fields.
2.2.6. To represent its members coloproctologists in Lithuania and outside its borders.
2.2.7. To help to defend the professional rights and interests of the LCS members in the state and public institutions and organizations.
2.2.8. To set up the foundations.
2.2.9. To be concerned with the prestige of the profession of coloproctology and to propagate the achievements in coloproctology.
2.2.10. To publish scientific, practical, informational and scientific popular publications, to have the permanently functioning Internet webpage.